Connect Better With Heaven

Re-Imagine Prayer With Darla & Friends

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Do you struggle to connect with Heaven?

You need to reimagine prayer

5 videos with 5 powerful ideas for re-imagining your prayers:

1: Prayer Journals

Learn how I use prayer journaling to bring more purpose to my prayers.

1: Vizualization

Learn From Brooke Snow about how to “pray in pictures”

2: The Bible

Learn From Heather Erickson how to  use words found in scripture as your prayer

3. Friendship

Learn From Cami Dewitt how to talk with God like He’s a friend

4: Herbal Tea

Learn From Shelley Swapp how to commune with God over a cup of tea

Hi! I'm Darla

When I was a kid, I always thought I would grow up and then magically, my testimony would be solid. I would skip my way down the covenant path to my heavenly home.  Well, it didn’t take me long to figure out that my childhood dream was NOT reality.


I grew up hearing there is one way back to our heavenly home. But if there was only one way, why didn’t everyone have the same experiences? Why didn’t our paths look the same?


I’ve figured out that there really is only one way back to our Heavenly Parents–the covenant path. Making and keeping covenants is essential to God’s plan to return to Him.


BUT the journey on the covenant path that takes us all to the same destination looks different for each of us because we are all unique and God is a personal God.


This is really good news!!!


There is no one way to be a righteous woman who wants to make and keep covenants, know her Savior and make it home. 


Prayer is one of those things – there is no outline for a perfect prayer.  There is just connection with Heaven – and lots of different ways to do that.  The “Re-imagine Prayer with Darla and Friends” course will show you 5 different ways that 5 different women use prayer to connect with Heaven.