What Living Inside My Temple Covenants Means to Me || Solo Episode

[00:00:00] Darla: Welcome to the Spiritually Minded Women podcast. If you’re a woman who is ready and willing to be a follower of Jesus, you’re in the right place. Join me as we dive in deep to learn how to embrace your journey on the covenant path with checkpoints instead of checklists. I’m your host, Darla Trendler, …

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041: Why Learning of and Connecting to Heavenly Mother is Essential to Your Journey || McArthur Krishna

In this interview McArthur Krishna shares about her experience following personal revelation to marry her husband, who is not a member of the church, and what she learned about growth on the covenant path. McArthur also discusses why Heavenly Mother is essential in our journey and is a gospel doctrine for both men and women. If you’ve ever thought you weren’t allowed to talk about Heavenly Mother or connect with her, you will be happy to hear McArthur share that no prophet or apostle has said we shouldn’t mention Her. McArthur declares in a faith-filled way, backed by words of church leaders, why talking of and connecting with our Heavenly Mother is our sacred obligation and divine destiny.

040: Why Better Relationships Start with Being Closer to Jesus Christ || Crystal Haitsma

Crystal Haitsma struggled as a young mom to be the parent she wanted to be. In this interview, Crystal shares how she turned to God for help and realized that deepening her relationship with Jesus Christ was the way to help bridge the gap in her relationships with her children. Crystal discusses many truths that apply to all relationships to help you love yourself and those around you.

039: Why Doing What God Tells You To Do Will Help You Lead Out || Susan Madsen

In this interview, Susan warmly opens up with insights from her own life, including how she learned to follow personal revelation, despite going against cultural norms. She also discusses her new book, A Future Only God Can See for You: A Guide for Teen and Young Adult Women on Preparing to Lead and how the book can help Latter-day Saint women of all ages lead out by doing what God prompts them to do.

038: How the Story Written in Your Heart Connects You to Other Women|| Jen Mabray

Jen Mabray is a student of Jewish Studies and Hebrew who is currently pursuing a PhD. In addition to her academic pursuits, Jen is also a wife, mother, author and seminary teacher. In this interview Jen shares about the book she co-authored, God Comes to Women. Jen discusses the strength and connection we, as women, receive when we hear other women’s stories and share our own. Jen also shares her belief that women’s stories are written in our hearts so we can connect heart to heart and experience companionship with Jesus and other women along the covenant path. She testifies the Savior is there for all the ups and downs of the journey.

037: How Jesus Christ’s Atonement is Helping One Young Woman Heal from Pornography Addiction || Ashlee Ayre

Ashlee Ayre is a 20 year old woman who loves acting and playing the piano. She comes from a large family and also became addicted to pornography at age 11 starting with looking up pictures and words in a dictionary she found in her home. In the interview, Ashlee discusses her experiences with quitting pornography several times in her teen years but never really experiencing healing until she turned to the Savior. She shares how we can change the discussion about pornography in the church from shame to emphasizing the beauty of repentance through Christ’s atonement instead. Ashlee acknowledges that the single greatest thing that has helped has been knowing her divine worth as an “amazing daughter of God.”

036: How Choosing Jesus Daily Will Help You Live in Your Purpose || Chanelle Neilson

Chanelle Neilson believes most of her growth on the covenant path has not come from huge trials but from choosing daily to follow Jesus and live in her purpose. In this episode, Chanelle shares the practical things she does to increase her faith every day and how she has learned to use personal revelation for both spiritual and temporal aspects of her life. Chanelle expresses how acting on promptings has helped her to trust God and know that He wants more for her than she wants for herself.

035: Why Latter-day Saint Women are Uniquely Qualified to Run for Political Office || Audrey Perry Martin

After 20 years as an election lawyer, Audrey Perry Martin has definitely seen the negative sides of politics. But despite her own cynicism from the things she has seen in her career, Audrey is sharing in this interview why she is encouraging Latter-day Saint women to jump into the political scene and run for office. She discusses why she created Project Elect, a non-partisan organization to educate, encourage and support Latter-day Saint women to get involved in public service. Audrey also shares how women members of the church are uniquely qualified to bring a different perspective to politics by using Christ-like leadership and love.

034: How to Let Christ Fill the Hole in Your Heart Left by Depression || Laura Cragun

Listen to Laura Cragun, a wife and mom of 3 young kids share about her personal challenges with mental health including depression, anxiety, eating disorders and suicidal ideation. Laura discusses how she has sought help through therapy and medication as well as through daily spiritual practices that help her feel connected to God. Laura also talks about how each of us has a hole in our heart and gives her witness of how Christ has been the missing piece to fill the hole in her own heart.