Darla Trendler

034: How to Let Christ Fill the Hole in Your Heart Left by Depression || Laura Cragun

Listen to Laura Cragun, a wife and mom of 3 young kids share about her personal challenges with mental health including depression, anxiety, eating disorders and suicidal ideation. Laura discusses how she has sought help through therapy and medication as well as through daily spiritual practices that help her feel connected to God. Laura also talks about how each of us has a hole in our heart and gives her witness of how Christ has been the missing piece to fill the hole in her own heart.

033: Why Understanding Christ’s Covenant Promises Gives You a Framework for Resilient Faith || Sharla Goettl

How do you teach your child to stay on the covenant path and make and keep covenants? That was a question mother and youth leader, Sharla Goettl, heard a lot. Writing a book with help for these questions was never on Sharla’s radar but after repeatedly being compelled by the Spirit, Sharla jumped in and wrote Spiritual Resilience: Leading Our Youth to Go and Do, to add her perspective for parents who want to help their children be spiritually resilient.

12_ Understanding Priesthood Power Through Personal Revelation

One of the biggest things I’ve personally learned is that understanding priesthood power is about more than studying scriptures, reading conference talks, and attending the temple. For me, understanding priesthood power has been about asking questions and seeking personal revelation to find answers to those questions.
Interviews with women from many different backgrounds sharing how they have journeyed on the covenant path.