Darla: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Spiritually Minded Women podcast. If you’re a woman who is ready and willing to be a follower of Jesus, you’re in the right place. Join me as we
dive in deep to learn how to embrace your journey on the covenant path with checkpoints instead of checklists, I’m your host Darla Trendler and I’m cheering you on.

Welcome to your journey.

Welcome to a brand-new season of Spiritually Minded Women. I am Darla, your host, and I am so happy to be back. When I put out the last episode of season four in December of
2020, I thought, Oh, it’ll just be a month, maybe six weeks, I’ll be back. And then so much stuff happened after the holidays.

I got in a funk. Do you ever get in a funk? And it wasn’t really like bad, but it was just like, I could not get motivated. And then when I finally figured out what I was going to do with the
season, I decided to do a whole bunch of interviews and get them all ready to go before I actually started the season.

In our family we’ve got a lot of stuff going on. We’ve got at the time of this recording, we’re days away from one of our missionaries, our missionary that’s out, coming home and in the
interim our son has received his mission call and he’s getting ready to head out in about two months. So, we’ve got lots of missionary stuff going on in our family and we’re excited. It’s
good, but it’s all also a lot. We’ve got a kitchen remodel we’re getting ready for. Just so many things hit me, but I have felt so strongly that I just want to get back to the podcast. I love
doing this work and I’m so happy that you’re here. So, thanks for joining me. If you’re new, let me just introduce myself really quickly.

I am Darla Trendler, and I followed a prompting and started Spiritually Minded Mom podcast in March of 2018. And I shared a hundred episodes on that podcast of interviews with
moms, talking about how they have seen and felt God as their partner in motherhood. And then in October of 2020, I rebranded to Spiritually Minded Women. And I shifted my
focus to all women. I wanted to reach more than just moms. And so, to start that off, I did a series of 10 episodes talking about embracing your journey on the covenant path with
checkpoints, which are covenants, instead of checklists. And I did 10 solo episodes, introducing that and talking all about that.

And so many of you have reached out to me telling me that those episodes have resonated with you. I loved sharing them. I loved preparing them. It was so good. So just so you know,
you can find all the episodes I have done from both Spiritual Minded Mom and Spirituality Minded Women in one feed. So, if you found me here on Spiritually Minded Women, you
can go back in the archives and you can find all those interviews I’ve done on Spiritually Minded Mom. And you can explore those older episodes. There’s lots of good stuff in the
archive. So, I would highly encourage you to do that.

So, to celebrate this new season, I’m giving you not one, not two but three new episodes. So, this first short episode, will introduce you to what this new season will be about and
listen to the end because I’m giving you a really easy way to share your journey. The second episode that I’m releasing today is about learning about priesthood power
through personal revelation. And that one is a solo episode with just me. And I’m sharing my experience of focusing on the word power in 2020 and what I’ve learned about the
connection between learning about priesthood power and personal revelation.

And I can tell you that I didn’t really pick a word of the year for 2021 because I really felt maybe I’m not done with this word power and I’ve spent the last, especially the last month,
studying even more about it. And I am so excited to just share some things that I have learned. And how closely tied learning about priesthood power and personal revelation is so
hope that you will listen to that second episode.

The third episode is the first interview that I’m sharing for this season. So, like I said I did a call for interviews and I interviewed a whole bunch of women and got all those interviews
done and that’s what I’m going to be primarily sharing with you this season is interviews talking to women about how they have journeyed on the covenant path.
And so, my first interview is with Noelle McBride and she shares what she’s learned in her journey while going through a divorce. It’s really a beautiful story about covenant belonging
and how the Savior can take challenges and trials and make beauty for ashes in our own journeys. So, my number one goal with this podcast is to help Latter-day Saint women know
they are on their own unique journey on the covenant path.

It doesn’t have to look like someone else’s journey. We all have to make covenants, which are the checkpoints on the path, but how we get to those checkpoints will all be different.
Everyone has a different journey. So, in the coming season, you will be hearing a lot of interviews with women, sharing parts of their journey on the covenant path.

You’re going to hear from all kinds of women, women who have experienced divorce and eating disorders and death and abuse and depression and loss, a spouse who has same sex
attraction and starting a business, following dreams and so much more. You’re going to hear from women who joined the church as adults or teenagers or women who stepped away
and came back, or women who have been lifelong members of the church, no matter what their journey has looked like, all of these women have one thing in common.

They have learned what it means to be converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are all spiritually minded women who are ready and willing to follow him. I talked about that on
Instagram and in the last season. Spiritually minded means that we’re ready and willing. And so that’s what I want this podcast to be about the community that I’m trying to build, that
we’re spiritually minded and we are ready and willing to follow the Savior.

And I want you to know that just like these women I’m interviewing are ready and willing, so are you. As a Latter-day Saint woman, I think it is so important for each of us to know we
aren’t alone. We are each on our own journey, but there are so many ways we can be united to strengthen and help each other.

Do you remember the epic talk given by Elder Uchtdorf in October 2019 general conference? It was called Your Great Adventure. I say that this was an epic talk because while he was
giving the talk during general conference, I was texting all my friends and we were saying, this is such a cool talk. This is awesome. We love this talk.

So, in the talk he shared about joining the Savior in the journey of discipleship. An Elder Uchtdorf said that one aspect of the journey is to share your story. He said, we take upon
ourselves the name of Jesus Christ. And we don’t hide our faith, or we don’t bury it. Elder Uchtdorf said that we do the exact opposite. This is a quote from him from that talk.
He said, quote, “We talk about our journey with others in normal and natural ways. That’s what friends do. They talk about things that are important to them, things that are close to
their heart and make a difference to them. That’s what you do. You tell stories and experiences as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” End quote. So, I
want to use the platform of this podcast to help other women share their journeys and stay tuned because interviews is not the only way that I’m going to be doing this. I have more
things coming soon that will help you share your journey too.

But in Elder Uchtdorf’s talk he also gave insights about what sharing our stories will do for others. This is what he said, “Sometimes your stories will make people laugh. Sometimes
they bring them to tears. Sometimes they will help people to continue in patience, resilience, and courage to face another hour, another day and come a little closer to God.
Share your experiences in person on social media, in groups, everywhere.” End quote. So that’s the words of our beloved Elder Uchtdorf. Love him. So, this season, at the end of each
interview, I am asking every guest to share her answer to this question: How have you seen and felt the Savior in your journey on the covenant path?

Although we all have our own journey, we also all have Jesus who is walking beside us and helping us in our journey because He wants each of us to return to our Heavenly Parents. At
the end of each episode, I’m also going to be giving you some journal questions, things that you can think about that will help you embrace your journey on the covenant path.

But today I have one question for you to ponder and to journal about. How have you seen and felt the Savior in your journey on the covenant path? Take some time to think and
ponder about how He has been there for you. Sometimes we don’t see Him in the moment. Maybe you will have to look back over your journey to recognize times He has been there in
the past, but He is there, and He wants to help you record the ways that you have seen and felt Him.

And you will see Him and feel Him even more. If there is any part of seeing and feeling Jesus in your journey that you feel inclined to share, I am going to invite you to do it. As Elder
Uchtdorf said, share your experiences in person or on social media or anywhere. If you decide to share on social media, I am going to invite you to use a hashtag.

This season I’m going to be using the hashtag #Jesusinmyjourney. And I would love to see what you share. No matter what your journeys look like, your story is important. When you share it, you help someone else know that they aren’t alone. Sharing our journey, unites us as spiritually minded women who are ready and willing to follow Jesus.
So, how have you seen and felt the Savior in your journey on the covenant path? Use the hashtag #Jesusinmyjourney and share it.

I hope that something you’ve heard today in this episode has helped you in your own journey. Most importantly, I hope that listening has helped you to know through the spirit
and personal revelation, what you need to know today.

I pray for you as a listener of this podcast, and I’m always cheering you on in your journey. I hope you enjoyed the podcast and if you did, please share it with a friend. I would love it if
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I’m cheering you on in your journey.